Curriculum Vitae

A professional overview for prospective clients and employers.

Skills and Talents

  • Network and System Administration
    • Windows Server, Linux, FreeBSD
    • Apache, IIS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL
    • Active Directory, TCP/IP, DNS
    • Wireless, VPN, VMware
  • Multimedia and Web Development
    • HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, EDI
    • PHP, Perl, C#, VB, ASP.NET, shell
    • Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite
    • Google and cloud services
  • Computer Hardware and Software
    • Build and upgrade PC components
    • Desktop, laptop, mobile devices
    • DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS
    • Microsoft Office suite
  • Interpersonal Attributes
    • Creative, detailed, well organized
    • Patient, sincere, friendly
    • Individual and team player
    • Problem solver

Formal Education

Professional Experience